SOAR! TLC: Carmen’s Coaching Corner – How to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), (also known as Tapping) to shift fears/phobias and limiting/sabotaging thoughts.


SOAR! TLC: Carmen’s Coaching Corner – How to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), (also known as Tapping) to shift fears/phobias and limiting/sabotaging thoughts. Hello I’m Carmen Payne, owner and creator of Soar! Transformational Life Coaching and Welcome to this episode of Carmen’s Coaching Corner! If this is the first time you are watching Soar! TLC’s, Carmen’s Coaching Corner, the purpose of these short videos is to provide you with tips, tools, ideas and information that you can implement in your life to help you create your new reality. Today’s coaching corner is going to discuss what Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is and how to implement it in your life to remove fears/phobias, limiting/sabotaging thoughts, pain or further integrate positive affirmations! Benefits of this process: It can be used to reduce panic and anxiety, negative emotions/feelings, fears/phobias, as well as physical pain. It can also be used to further integrate, at an energetic level, positive affirmations. It is so powerful that it is used by some practitioners to eliminate things such as PTSD and hyper vigilance. It unblocks the meridians so that your energy can flow freely. EFT was developed by Gary Craig in the early 90’s, and there is extensive information on the web regarding its origins and uses. EFT has been described to me as, “acupuncture without the needles”. What is also excellent about this technique, is that it can be done anywhere and at any time. It focuses on opening up the energetic channels of the body, known in Chinese medicine as Meridians, through tapping specific points on the body. There are twelve major/principle meridians in the body. EFT focusses on the transverse vertical meridians, those that run vertically through the body. Each of the twelve meridians are connected to an area of the body e.g.; heart, lungs, gall bladder, liver, stomach. Each of the tapping points are connected to specific emotions. Through tapping each point five to ten times, you are releasing negative thinking, focus, emotions and allowing in positive thinking, focus and emotions. It increases your vibrational frequency. It does not matter which side of the body you tap or whether you use one hand or both hands to do the tapping. The technique starts with you rubbing – not tapping, what is called the “sore spot”. It is located 3-4 inches below your collar bone and at the top of your breast, vertical to the nipple. This area should have a slight dip and feel tender to the touch. Refer to the video for a visual. Use EFT to reintroduce ease in your physical and energetic body and soothe you in times of stress, overwhelm and panic, or when you are experiencing physical pain. Alternatively, use this technique to further integrate positive affirmations/mantras! Below is how to use a basic tapping flow to rebalance your energy in relation to fears, phobias, negative feelings, emotions and pain. There are other variations of the sequence, however, the one below is a foundation sequence to get you started. 1. Identify your fear, discomfort, pain, e.g., stress, anger, heights, spiders, fear, frustration, sore knee. 2. Rank it on a scale of zero through ten (zero = no discomfort, ten = high sense of discomfort). 3. Complete the blank in this setup phrase (it’s purpose is to help you stay focused on what it is you want to address while using this technique and for the reminder phrase in step 5). Setup phase, “Even though I have/feel____________ I deeply and completely accept myself.” E.g. Even though I feel anger/unworthy/have a headache, I deeply and completely accept myself. 4. Locate your Sore Spot as described above. 5. Identify your reminder phrase, e.g., if your setup up phrase is, “Even though I feel unworthy, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Your reminder phrase is, “unworthy”. 6. Tap each part of the body as shown in the video five to ten times, using the setup and or reminder statement. Don’t overthink it! Just tapping the body as shown will open up your meridians and soothe your energy. Tapping sequence: a. Rub Sore Spot and say out loud Setup Statement b. Tap beginning of eyebrow near top of bridge of nose 5 – 10 times repeating setup statement c. Tap side of the eye closest to the temples 5 – 10 times repeating setup statement d. Tap under the eye on the bony part of the eye socket 5 – 10 times repeating setup statement e. Tap under nose and above the lip (the philtrum) 5 – 10 times repeating reminder statement f. Tap the chin between the lower lip and the chin 5 – 10 times repeating reminder statement g. Tap under the collar bone, next to sternum 5 – 10 times repeating reminder statement h. Tap under 5-7 under the armpit in alignment to the nipple 5 – 10 times repeating reminder statement i. Tap below the breast tissue on the rip below the nipple 5 – 10 times repeating reminder statement j. Tap/karate chop side of hand 5 – 10 times repeating reminder statement k. Tap top of head 5 – 10 times repeating reminder statement. 7. Check in with yourself, where are you now on a scale of zero to ten? Are you the same, are you lower? If so repeat and add the word, remaining in front of the identified discomfort in the setup and reminder statements. E.g., setup statement, “Even though I feel remaining unworthiness, I deeply and completely accept myself.” The reminder statement would be, “remaining unworthiness.” Did something else come up for you during the tapping that revealed a deeper layer to what you are experiencing? If so repeat the process 2-3 times inserting what came up in your setup and reminder statement until you feel more at ease and you are lower on the numeric scale. Often times during the tapping, it will undercover another layer beneath the surface emotion, fear etc. you are experiencing. By using EFT to peel back the layers, you will get to the root of the discomfort and really clear whatever it is energetically from your body that is causing the physical, emotional and energetic unease. How to use EFT to integrate affirmations/mantras: Use the same steps as above, however, the setup statement and reminder statement will be like this: Setup Statement: “I am worthy and valuable and I deeply and completely accept this vision.” Reminder Statement: “worthy and valuable.” If you would like a diagram regarding EFT tapping points and what they release and allow, please email me at Please let me know your thoughts. Share if you use this process and how it worked out for you. If you have a topic you would like me to cover on my CCC videos, please email it to me at If you have other tips you can share with others regarding this topic, also please share! in the comments underneath this episode. In love and light, Carmen Further information on the history of EFT can be found here:
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