Get Clear on What You Want*

You’ll Learn How To:

Do you have a lot of contrast showing up in your life? What I mean by that is, do you have things in your life you do not want or like? That you would like to change but are unclear how? Are you focused on what it is you don’t like or don’t want, rather than what you do want or do like? You have a desire to have something different but need help getting clear on what it is? If so this workshop is for you!

For many of us, contrast shows up in our life and this is a good thing! This contrast helps us to know what it is we don’t want. However, what you do about it is important. Do you stay stuck with what you don’t want, don’t have, don’t like or do you do something about it? Do you get clarity on what it is that you do want and take the necessary actions to make what you want a reality?

Remember your thoughts create emotions, your emotions create action or inaction.

Before you can take any inspired action, you need to stop focusing on the contrast and get clarity on what it is you do want.  The process I will cover during this workshop will help you do that.

This fun 2-hour workshop will give you the tools to know what it is you don’t want and get clarity on what it is you do want! Don’t forget to bring a snack!

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Interview with Confidence

You’ll Learn How To

  • Answer the 20 top interview questions with ease!
  • Navigate nerves and increase your interview confidence!
  • Know where to start on your job seeking journey
  • Enhance the way you currently answer interview questions
  • Increase your confidence before and during an interview
  • Answer “that” interview question(s)
  • Improve your resume (side benefit!)
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