“Interview With Confidence” Workshop

This workshop will give you the tools to answer the top 20 most asked questions during an interview!  It will focus on providing you with tools and techniques in order to feel prepared to search for the job/career you are seeking. Become self aware in areas where you have strengths and identify opportunities for growth. You will learn how to increase self-confidence through; being prepared, visualization, evoking the superhero within, bringing forth inner strength and an “I can do this!” state of mind!


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You’ll Learn How To

  • Answer the 20 top interview questions with ease!
  • Navigate nerves and increase your interview confidence!
  • Know where to start on your job seeking journey
  • Enhance the way you currently answer interview questions
  • Increase your confidence before and during an interview
  • Answer “that” interview question(s)
  • Improve your resume (side benefit!)

You’ll Receive

  • Interview Preparation Tools (SWOT, STAR, Fake It Till You Become It)
  • Guided Visualization/Manifestation
  • The secret ingredient – Confidence!

Carmen held an engaging and valuable workshop for our intern program here at DHL Global Forwarding in January of 2015. Although many of students had previous help with resumes and interview techniques from ASU, they remained eager for help and were very excited for the workshop. There was a common theme with the students; they were having trouble translating the work they had done during the internship into skills and experiences to speak about during an interview. Each student shared with me separately that the workshop provided the guidance they needed with translating their skills and experiences. They loved Carmen’s tool of using SWOT to help prepare for an interview. Carmen not only spent time with each student, but showed genuine care. It was clear Carmen’s goal was to make sure they all benefited from the workshop.

Tangie R

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